Frequently Asked Questions

Do we own any designs you undertake?
Yes – If you have paid us to design a product for you, you have paid in full, you own the design and all the cad data and drawings.
Can we supply a design for you to 3d print?
Yes – As long as the part is suitable for printing and it is within the build envelope of 200mm x 200mm x 300mm high. We will also need the 3d cad file supplied in an stl format.
What about product confidentiality?
We are happy to sign an NDA we have built our business on being trustworthy and will not disclose anything to a third party.
Are your mould tools made in the UK?
This is our preferred route, to manufacture in the UK, but we can source tooling from China .
Will you mould our tool if we supply it to you?
Yes – We are happy to mould your tooling, there may be a charge to adapt it to fit our machinery. We will assess the quality of the tool and run some samples to ensure it is in good running order.
Are the mould tools safely stored?
Yes – We have tool storage racks to safely store our customers tooling, the tools are given a unique number that is added to our database. We have insurance to cover all of our customers tooling.
Can you assemble and pack my product?
Yes – We have ultrasonic welding, insert fitting, printing, packing and general assembly facilities. We can also assemble electronics into components at a a basic level.
Can you distribute my product?
Yes – We have a large 8,000 sq foot warehouse and have collections daily by Interlink. We also use a pallet line service and for customers closer to us, we can deliver via our own transport.