Ultrasonic Welding Assembly

At PPP we undertake many forms of assembly, one of which is ultrasonic welding.

This Mousebean product is a combination of 2 soft parts and 3 hard parts assembled together and welded to form one component.

For low volume one horn and nest are used, but for high volume we can introduce automation to increase the output capacity.

We also pack them into blister packs with the printed instructions and distribute for the customer.

As well as ultrasonic’s we also undertake mechanical , packing, printing and product distribution.

We have heat staking equipment to post fit threaded inserts into mouldings.

Many products require some type of assembly either to make a complete product, or as a part assembly, we are happy to do all or part of this requirement.

An example of a complete assembly cell for the Easi-powder tm baby powder security tag.

This product is moulded, assembled, including springs, ferrites then tested and packed ready for direct shipment to the customer.