Injection Moulding

Our main strength is in our experience of thermoplastic injection moulding. As a subcontract supplier we realise our performance and ability to be able to supply, the correct parts, delivered on time, is an essential requirement to your business. We can advise you on :-

The correct material for your components.

The correct design of the component for moulding, including wall section ratios and flow path lengths.

The correct material for the manufacture of your tooling i.e. aluminium, toughened steel or hardened steel.

We will advise on the most cost efficient amount of cavities for your tooling and advise on the suitability of putting different components on the same tooling. This is a very important factor, as it determines the long term cost of the product and the quantity that can be produced in a given period.

If you have a requirement for new moulded components, or have tooling that you wish to relocate, please give us a call.

We run a two shift system 6 – 2pm and 2pm – 10pm 5 days a week.

Our Machinery

58t – max shot weight – 60 grms PS

80t – max shot weight – 80 grms PS

90t – max shot weight – 100 grms PS

120t – max shot weight – 120 grms PS

160t – max shot weight – 290 grms PS

200t – max shot weight – 375 grms PS

250t – max shot weight – 429 grms PS

120t – max shot weight – 61 grms PS

190t – max shot weight – 194 grms PS

230t – max shot weight – 290 grms PS